A POPULAR meadow in Oxford will be closed today to stop students celebrating their exams bothering people by engaging in a messy tradition.

Christ Church College has closed Christ Church Meadow until 1pm tomorrow to prevent students from ‘trashing’ there – a tradition that sees them cover each other in champagne and food.

Two side gates to the meadow will also be closed for a few hours a day for the next six weeks to help put a stop to the ‘nuisance’ behaviour.

A notice put on the gates at the main entrance yesterday read: “For the next six weeks, while examinations take place, Merton Gate and Rose Lane Gate will be closed for three hours or so twice a day to prevent undergraduates from ‘trashing’ in Christ Church Meadow, which creates an appalling meadow.

Students have also been causing a nuisance and putting the safety of members of public at risk, hence we are taking this measure to ensure that the Meadow remains a quiet place for people to enjoy.

“We are also liaising with security services of the University of Oxford and the proctor’s office.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this temporary gate closure will cause members of the public.”

Trashing began in the 1990s and has endured as a way for youngsters to let off steam after years of hard work as they finish off exams.

In 2011, it was reported proctors told students “no flour, no eggs, no beans, ketchup, let alone rotting food or worse”.

An email said: “Rotting food, vomit, broken glass and other items causing litter are simply not what any of us wants to see.”