A TEENAGER with diabetes is to defy his condition and take take on a 54-mile bike race –all thanks to the help of his medical detection dog Molly.

Steven Courtney, from Ambrosden near Bicester, was diagnosed with severe type one diabetes at the age of three, which meant his blood sugar levels often dropped so suddenly he would have seizures or pass out.

But the family's life has been turned around with the help of cocker spaniel companion Molly, who alerts the 14-year-old to dangerous drops or surges in his blood sugar levels.

She is provided by Milton Keynes-based charity Medical Detection Dogs and with her help the youngster has been able to train up for the London to Brighton charity bike ride on Sunday.

Steven’s mother Serena Courtney said: "Molly and Steven have a bond like no other.

"Steven is safe because of his guardian angel and family life is better without the stress and anxiety.

"Molly is also a bit of a character and always manages to make us smile.

"I am not sure I could face Steven taking on this sort of challenge without Molly.

"I don't think he'd have the confidence to do it either."

Steven has been training for Sunday's race with Molly supervising from the sidelines, where she will also be for the race day.

The 54-mile course is too far for Molly to run alongside Steven on his bike but she will be there to check he is okay before the race, half way and at the end.

Before Molly was introduced by Medical Detection Dogs the family would regular check on Steven every one-to-two hours, especially overnight, to check his glucose levels.

But since the pedigree pal was matched up to the family they are able to relax, knowing that Molly will sense any unusual blood sugar levels from Steven.

Molly is able to use her heightened sense of smell to detect any small odour changes on Steven's breath signalling upcoming changes in blood sugar levels.

She then barks to alert Steven before bringing him his blood test kit and glucose tablets.

Mrs Courtney added: "When he stops cycling his blood glucose level fluctuates wildly.

£Molly will be there to tell us if he's at risk."

In Molly’s absence, Steven will test his blood glucose every 30 mins.

Steven will be raising money throughout the race for Medical Detection Dogs, to donate http://bit.ly/2tgS5RT