CHADLINGTON residents are being asked to sign up for a new community Speedwatch scheme to encourage drivers not to break the 30mph limit in the village.

Parish councillor Monty Phillips said that members had agreed to set up the scheme after hearing about the results of a series of speed checks carried out around the village by PCSOs from the community policing team.

Mr Phillips said: “The PCSOs have done a brilliant job, coming out and doing the checks in response to complaints we received.

“Some of the results really surprised us, with the percentage of traffic over the limit. That was a springboard for us to take action.”

Two areas which are of particular concern are East End, near the primary school, and Chipping Norton Road, where the village playground is located.

Mr Phillips added: “The level and regularity of speeding, particularly during the morning rush hour, is unacceptable and is something that concerns a lot of people in the village.

"They are worried that there is going to be a serious accident unless something is done.

“We’ve already had some people coming forward to volunteer.

“I think this is a really good initiative.

"This is a chance for the community to get involved, so that we can have an effect.”

Volunteers will be trained on how to use speed guns to monitor traffic on roads in the village and then report the results to Thames Valley Police, which will send warning letters to driver of vehicles seen breaking the limit.

If a driver receives more than two of these warning letters, further action, including prosecution, can follow.

Once a team of volunteers is in place, they will carry out regular checks on traffic speeds around the village.

A team of Speedwatch volunteers in nearby Milton-under-Wychwood has recently received training from Thames Valley Police and begun to carry out checks.

Mr Phillips added: “This is a good way of reminding everybody locally and those who are driving through villages on their way somewhere that they should watch their speed and that it will be checked on a regular basis – and a lot more frequently than previously.”

For more information about the scheme or to volunteer, email Mr Phillips at or call him on 07974 342138.