VIDEO footage taken by a local animal rights group reveals what the racing industry would probably rather remained hidden behind screens – the final moments of a racehorse named Tea In Transvaal (IRE) at Newton Abbot on June 5.

Readers may think that such deaths are a rare occurrence but, in fact, around 200 racehorses are killed on British courses each year. The problem is that racehorse deaths are rarely reported in the media.

This is why the footage taken by the Devon Animal Save group is so important. It bears witness to the terrible suffering and fatalities caused by racing.

Only when people have such information will they be able to make up their minds about whether they want to finance racing with their betting money and attendance fees. We urge the public to show compassion for all the horses hurt or killed on courses or in training, and boycott the races.

Visit Animal Aid’s website for more information about horse deaths, and Devon Animal Save’s Facebook page to witness the final moments of Tea In Transvaal.


Horse Racing Campaigner

Animal Aid