A DISGRACED top ranking Thames Valley Police ex-employee has been found guilty of stalking his mistress in a month-long campaign of revenge.

District judge Tim Pattinson branded Nick Harverson sinister, manipulative and callous as the three day trial ended yesterday at Oxford Magistrates’ Court.

The married 58-year old gasped and looked around in disbelief as he was found guilty of terrifying his ex-lover Charlotte Roberts after their steamy affair ended in October last year.

The court heard how he had stalked her by turning up at her house and trying to enter using his own set of keys while she hid in fear behind the door.

He also followed her home and waited at locations he knew she would frequent during the campaign of harassment between November 16 and December 22 last year.

At the court Judge Pattinson said: “In my view there can be no question whatsoever that Ms Roberts made her position clear that she didn’t want contact with this man.

“Her text messages read: ‘I need to be on my own’, ‘I have not eaten for days’, ‘I need time on my own you, said some really nasty things’.

“Her position was unequivocal."

Harverson, who was the head of corporate support at the police force denied stalking Ms Roberts by following her home and trying to enter her flat while she stood on the other side of the door in terror.

Ms Roberts, who is the executive assistant to Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld, said she had made it clear she wanted only a friendship.

The relationship which had lasted 18 months flared up just a few months after they first met at their shared workplace at the Thames Valley Police headquarters based at Kidlington When he was dumped by Ms Roberts, Harverson went on to send a bitter letter to her, which he described during his defence as ‘his parting shot’ and which he signed ‘you are an evil person.’ Judge Pattinson said of the letter: “It is in my view nothing but the most threatening and sinister of letters.

“Harverson has threatened her about work, about the issues at work and says that a lot of the actions of Mrs Roberts are highly manipulative and dishonest.

“I find Harverson to be highly manipulative.”

During the trial the court also heard that mother-of-two Charlotte Roberts had been followed home on at least three occasions as she was driving through Cassington.

Harverson was also seen loitering in layby on the A40 staring at her car as she drove past.

He had denied the charge, claiming that he had been simply trying to 'find the truth' of the their fractured relationship and that the meetings with her had been 'chance encounters'.

Harverson will be sentenced at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on June 30.