A SPECTACULAR graffiti-inspired mural has taken over Stockmore Street.

Oxford artist Andrew Manson braved the elements this week to paint the dazzling display to mark the 10th birthday of the city’s best-known carnival band, Horns of Plenty.

The mural, jointly paid for by the band and Oxford City Council’s Culture Fund, is set to be completed in the next couple of days and will provide an extra splash of colour during the Cowley Road Carnival festivities next month.

Working with the council’s anti-social behaviour team, Mr Manson is part of a movement to encourage legal graffiti spaces across the city. This piece was created with the permission of Sushi Corner restaurant.

He said: “People see graffiti in a negative light but it’s not at all; it’s a positive thing, but it’s not given the time and energy it deserves.

“There’s a lot of good feeling towards this. There seems to be a very good vibe about it.”