TIM Farron has explained his decision to end his election campaign in Oxford tonight. 

The Liberal Democrat leader will bring his campaign to a close with a rally at the Kassam Stadium, and stressed the city is a 'critical' location for the party.

He will be joined by Oxford West and Abingdon candidate Layla Moran in a final push for votes ahead of tomorrow's General Election. 

Pollsters have predicted the seat is 'neck and neck' between Ms Moran and Conservative candidate Nicola Blackwood.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail this afternoon, Mr Farron said: "It's a very important constituency and we believe in Oxford West and Abingdon we have a great chance of getting in. We are [also] in a strong position in Witney.

"We are not taking anything for granted. We can never assume. It's an unusual election in every sense of the word."

Polls are still predicting that Witney will remain a safe Conservative seat, however.

The rally will begin at 9.30pm tonight but stadium doors will open at 9pm. 

Asked why the rally was being held in Oxford East, a Labour stronghold since 1987, Mr Farron said: "Oxford is critical to us. We have a great track record in all parts of the city.

"It's clearly an obvious place to end the election campaign for us before the day itself."

He anticipated some voters who had previously voted Labour or Green will make the tactical decision to vote Liberal Democrat, claiming it was the 'most effective way' to take on the Tories.

Mr Farron said: "Theresa May called the election believing she was going to get a landslide, and take that as permission to continue to cut police numbers and bring in a dementia tax.

"Backing the Lib Dems in Oxfordshire is the best chance of sending the message that we don't accept that."

In recent days, several Conservative posters and boards around Oxford West and Abingdon have been torn down or defaced, with Tory supporters pointing the finger at Lib Dems.

But Mr Farron said: "We wouldn't do it. Morally, we just wouldn't do it. We have got lots more signs out than they have [anyway]."

Mr Farron's visit to Oxfordshire hit headlines last month, after he was cornered in Kidlington by disgruntled voter Malcolm Baker.

Referring to the run-in, he said: "If you only surround yourself with supporters, like Theresa May and her carefully scripted visits, you will never be challenged.

"If you throw yourself amongst the people you will be, and that's great. That's how politics should be."

The list of parliamentary candidates standing in Oxford West and Abingdon are: 

  • Conservative: Nicola Blackwood
  • UKIP: Alan Harris
  • Liberal Democrat: Layla Moran
  • Labour: Marie Tidball