A PHOTOGRAPH of murdered Didcot teenager Jayden Parkinson was circulated as part of a fake list of Manchester terror attack victims.

The image of the 17-year-old, was strangled by her ex-boyfriend and found dead in All Saints’ Church in Didcot in December 2013.

But her image was used as part of several questionable lists of 'missing' people following the incident on Monday night.

Jayden's mother Samantha Shrewsbury learned at about 8.30am on Tuesday that a photo of Jayden was being circulated online and called the stunt 'disgusting'.

The teenager, whose picture was part of a collage of ostensibly missing children being shared on social media, was murdered in December 2013.

Miss Shrewsbury said her sister had first seen the photo at about 3am on the MailOnline.

She said: “When I got up my dad had already been onto them. But the damage was done. My social media and phone were going mental; it was all too much and it was detracting from the actual crisis going on, where real people were missing.”

At least three of the other photos used in the post were inaccurate. Its creator is not known.

Miss Shrewsbury said: “It’s disgusting someone has thought it’s ok to use a picture of a dead child.

“It hurt yesterday. I spent the day crying. They did it to get ‘likes’; it’s about popularity, which is sick.”

Many of the true identities of the 22 who lost their lives in Monday’s attack, including children, were identified today.

Miss Shrewsbury said: “It’s devastating losing a child. Nothing will compare to the pain those parents will feel for the rest of their lives.”

Miss Shrewsbury was quick to call out the fake post on Twitter.

In another post, she said: "Why is my MURDERED daughter's picture being used in a collage of pictures of children missing dead after last night terror attack".

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