ARTWEEKS has long been the annual fun frolic for art lovers to bop around Oxfordshire popping into artist's studios for a cup of tea and a chat about art.

Except, in the year of Brexit and Trump, it was never going to be the lighthearted romp it so often has been.

Epitomising that atmosphere is artist James Milroy.

The Summertown painter has captured the mood of liberal and left-wing Oxford in a series of pictures, starting with a portrait of the Prime Minister as a vulture, picking at the bones of the NHS with the word Brexit daubed on the wall behind.

In another painting entitled 'Brequiem', a mosaic of intertwining colours including Lib Dem yellow and green are overwhelmed by a cross of UKIP purple.

Mr Milroy, who is best known for his detailed crowd paintings, said he had been inspired this year to venture into abstract work.

He is showing his paintings at his studio at 44 South Parade, Summertown.

This year's artweeks runs from May 6 to 29 and full details of open studios are available at