VILLAGERS have come up with a completely quackers way of drawing attention to an ongoing pothole problem.

Drivers travelling along South Side, in Steeple Aston, were left dumbfounded last week when they found rain-filled potholes inhabited by 100 bright yellow rubber ducks.

The idea was devised and carried out by councillors and villagers who say they have had to negotiate the particularly bad stretch of potholes in the village centre for more than 18 months.

It is hoped it will highlight the ongoing problem and prevent Oxfordshire County Council from ducking the issue in future.

Parish councillor Helen Wright said she and colleagues regularly update OCC’s highways department on potholes, despite claims they have led residents of the village to have accidents.

She said: “Despite our reporting that since the start of the year three residents had tripped in these holes and fallen, precisely nothing has been done.”

Smiling drivers wound down their windows, braving the heavy rain, to ask what was going on, and passing villagers applauded to show their support.

Woody Wright, three, said “I think the ducks like their new ponds”.

After all of the ducks had been removed from their makeshift ponds and re-homed, parish councillor Martin Lipson said it was time for a change.

He added: “We can now only hope that OCC will finally do something to put into decent repair the main road through our village. This has gone on long enough.”

Oxfordshire County Council council did not respond to a request for comment on the issue.

The Oxford Mail will be conducting a comprehensive investigation on the state of Oxfordshire’s roads.

We would like to hear from people across the county about the worst-affected areas.

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