UPDATE: Father of Claudia Comberti backs campaign to limit car use in city 

Cyclists have called for cars to be banned from the city centre after the death of an Oxford student last week. 

Claudia Comberti was killed after being hit by a bus at the junction with McDonald's in Botley Road on Tuesday.

Police now believe 31-year-old Miss Comberti, who lived in East Oxford, had fallen from her bike just before the collision.

Miss Comberti had been involved in work with Broken Spoke bike co-operative in Pembroke Street, which runs bike workshops and promotes cycling in the city.

A petition, set up by a cyclist and since signed by more than 1,600 people, has been set up calling for private cars and motorbikes to be banned in the city centre. 

It also urges Oxford University to push Oxfordshire County Council to install clearly marked cycle lanes on all major roads and for physical barriers, such as kerbs, between cycle lanes and roads used by other vehicles.

Greater investment and publicity for cycle safety courses is also part of the petition's aims. 

The petition has already been signed by more than 1,600 people - many of whom are cyclists themselves - since its launch on Friday. 

The group called on Oxford University, as a 'dominant force' in the city to demand change.

It said: "The University is the dominant force in this city and gives a huge amount to it.

"It is in a strong position to ask for changes - and only through material changes can we prevent the loss of yet another life."

Hundreds of people gathered in Broad Street on Friday for a vigil to remember the 'much-loved' PhD student.

Many wore bright clothes in honour of the 31-year-old.

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