WORK on a road that residents spent 20 years campaigning for is apparently 'progressing well'.

Oxfordshire County Council released updates this morning on the £11.8m Harwell Link Road, which will connect the village of Harwell to Didcot.

More than 100,000 tonnes of stone have been delivered to the site to line the road.

New pictures show the smooth surface of the road taking shape, marking progress since aerial shots were released last month showing the bare outline. 

Surfacing on one half of the A417 roundabout has been completed and construction has now begun on the other, which will be followed by more stone work and kerb laying.

The council said work to divert the gas main around the new B4493 roundabout had posed 'a few challenges' however, which had slightly delayed works at that end of the site. 

Stone will soon be imported to the north side of the B4493 ahead of works.

The council, which is responsible for most of the county's road infrastructure, added: "The work on the new link road is progressing well, as we continue to bring in stone fill to make up the levels for the new road."

Workers are also in the process of installing a new drainage system. 

Temporary traffic lights

- Those on the A417 will remain in place for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until both sides of the roundabout are complete

- Those on the B4493 are only used during working hours to allow construction vehicles access. Once workers need to link the roundabout to the road, the lights will also become in use on a 24/7 basis