SCULPTURES portraying human relationships will adorn the window of Blackwell's Art and Poster Shop to mark the start of Oxfordshire Artweeks.

The event runs from Saturday until May 29 and the works by Beatrice Hoffman will be on display until May 23.

The figures in the Blackwell's display are two abstract forms, one double head, a couple and four single figures.

They are suitable for indoor display or as garden sculptures.

Ms Hoffman said: "Some of my sculptures describe human relationships in all their different forms.

"A passionate embrace, a couple establishing their bond, looking out into the world together, and the close yet ambivalent involvement between lovers or possibly parent and child."

One of the sculptures was a commission for a sports college in the Olympic year 2012.

The sculpture represents a runner on the block, coiled up with energy and ready to speed off.

Ms Hoffman said: "With this sculpture, I was interested in the poise, the coiled-up state of mind and body before the run."