In his latest neurotic attack against the opponents of hunting, Alan Page first has to apologise to readers for not knowing that it was illegal to poison foxes (Oxford Mail, June 25).

He then makes an even greater howler by claiming that foxes are rodents!

Any 10-year-old could have informed him that foxes are members of the dog family.

I fully respect the right of individuals to express their opinions on any subject whatsoever, but if Mr Page is going to have to preface all his letters with an apology for previous gaffes, then may I suggest to him that letter writing is perhaps not his forte, and that it might be a good idea for him to take up some other form of activity?

I would not wish to see him the subject of any further ridicule on the letters page.

I have just read his latest, and somewhat bizarre, letter in which he declares that hunting and livestock production are "both recreational activities" (Oxford Mail, June 27).

If he really believes that farmers rear food animals as a form of entertainment, he definitely should give up writing!

As for his moronic declaration that the opponents (the majority of the British public) are all "irrational bigots", I will simply dismiss his vitriolic comments as the words of a sad and pathetic fanatic who remains stuck in a shameful and barbarous past.

Jim Crawford, Burton Place, Oxford