REGARDING the Oxford Mail’s centre page story where 4,000 visitors came to see the newborn animals on a farm (ie. lambs and pigs).

The reason given was to educate the public about farm to fork.

The problem is that I find the story incomplete. There should be two follow-up stages to enlighten and educate the adults and children fully.

To tell the whole story I feel those adults who treated the children to the day out should now take them to the next two events in the animals’ lives. 

The animals’ trip to market to be bullied, beaten, kicked, or electrically goaded.

Then the following weekend, take the same children to the open day at the slaughterhouse to see the final moments of the small creatures’ lives that they held and cuddled earlier this year and to witness the terror and fear these animals endure prior to stunning and the animals’ fruitless attempts to escape, then finally to be hung by one leg and have their throat cut so they can bleed to death.

If the story is to be told, tell the whole cruel business.