THE first rule of Abingdon gun club is – you don't talk about Abingdon gun club.

With the opening of the Dunmore Shooting Centre in November 1986, Abingdon for a time boasted one of the finest pistol ranges in the county.

Proprietors John and Ruth Binning, pictured here, had converted a group of old farm buildings into a spacious modern shooting complex, complete with gun shop and club facilities.

Within weeks it was attracting enthusiasts from as far away as Bristol, the Midlands and London, the Oxford Mail reported.

With a log fire, east chairs, a coffee bar and colour television, it made the ideal setting for relaxing after a shoot or just enjoying the convivial atmosphere, our reporter noted.

And the guests could expect an equally warm welcome when they arrived.

"We believe in creating a good, friendly atmosphere," Mrs Binning told the paper.