A NURSERY school in Kennington has once again been rated good by inspectors.

Ofsted deemed The Kennington Playgroup in The Avenue to be good for the second time in a row after they visited in March.

In an inspection report released this week the playgroup was praised for prioritising children’s safety and ensuring that all youngsters made good progress from their starting points.

Staff were said to create a fun and engaging environment at the playgroup, which looks after 55 children aged from two to four.

In her report inspector Anne Clifft said: “Children have lots of opportunities to explore and lead their own play and staff encourage them to become inquisitive learners.

“Staff are attentive, nurturing and children are happy and secure.

“Children acquire good early literacy skills, such as recognising their names and practising their writing.

“They enjoy expressing their creative ideas.

“For example, they make links with their own experiences

in their role-play and explore a range of painting techniques.”

Ms Clifft said the playgroup could improve even further if the quality of teaching and learning was monitored more closely to identify how practice can be improved.

She also recommended that was for parents to contribute their views were improved, in order to identify areas where the playgroup could do better.

The playgroup opened in 1993 and operates in the grounds of St Swithun’s School every weekday during term time.