YOUR usually ultra reliable news feeds may have been acting a little strange today.

Stories about erotica festivals and 200,000 seater mega stadiums may seem a little hard to believe, and that's probably because they aren't true.

Yes, it's April Fools Day again. The one time of the year when us journalists get to just make stuff up, all to get a laugh.

Some of the stories on the Oxford Mail website that may or may not have fooled you this year include plans to re-open a Botley Road tollboth.

There was also plans for a 200,000 seat Hocket Stadium Super Mega Centre to be the new home of every sport on the planet.

And of course the quiet market town gearing up for a spanking new festival of erotica.

Elsewhere, the National Trust put in a good effort with the discovery of a 360 foot tall Uffington White Duck, believed to be 'the ancient symbol of a local tribe who venerated wild mallards.'

The aptly named ranger Jo Oak said: "Our plan will be to restore this great animal, so eventually you’ll be able to see the incredible Duck outline, just as you can with the Uffington Horse.

"Visitors will be able to see the two animals side by side."

Thames Valley Police even had a crack at an April Fools gag with the announcement the force was to launch a new Animal Whispering Unit.

The unit would, TVP said: "gives us the potential to finally connect with the animal kingdom, thus allowing us to develop community relations and help counter crimes."

The Fishes in North Hinksey upped their game since last year and convinced their customers that they were transforming their garden into an 18-hole golf course.

Oxford Mail:

Staff at The Fishes told their punters they had transformed their garden into a golf course. Picture: The Fishes

Trainee manager Bronte Bell-Ward said: "Last year we said that we were going to be changing our name to The Sea Trout, which really did not go down very well.

"But this year we went out and put little flags in the garden so it looked like we had a golf course.

"Normally in the spring, summertime we have the big tipi up with all the events going on.

"We've had quite a few people today asking why on earth we would do this - it has been good fun."

Oxford Mail:

Trainee manager Bronte Bell-Ward ready for a nice round of golf on The Fishes' new course. Picture: The Fishes

Which were you favourite gags this year and which were the most cringe worthy? Let us know in the comments.