FETISH fans from all over Europe will descend on a West Oxfordshire market town next year for a brand spanking new Festival of Erotica.

The saucy event is the latest addition to Chipping Norton’s festival calendar, and the town’s business owners are already getting into the spirit.

Held over the first weekend of next March, the new festival will include erotic readings, racy theatrical performances and Brazilian waxes.

Mike Tysoe, Chipping Norton’s mayor, could barely contain his excitement over the new festival.

He said: “I’m gagging to see how many people will show up for his event. It’s already aroused a lot of interest and we’ve had inquiries from all over Europe.”

Croatian group The Wam Bams will raise the curtain on the festival at the town’s theatre with their tasteful striptease and cabaret burlesque show, ‘The Gilded Bagel’.

Bookshop Jaffe and Neale will hold readings from the likes of 50 Shades of Grey and Death of Venus, while pubs and bars will serve cocktails specially invented for the event by The Cotswolds Distillery, including the recently concocted Shaken, Stirred, Restrained and Whipped.

Mash Lifestyle will stock leather and latex goods for men and women, with owner Justin Alderslade, 62, saying that the festival has solved the problem of trying to find leather hotpants in Chippy.

Even the town’s hairdressers and beauty salons are getting involved, offering hair removal treatments targetting the more private parts of the body.

Helen Walters, 28, of Smoothas said: “I’m looking forward to servicing a wider than usual clientele.”

The festival is the brainchild of Nek Namron, the man behind Chipping Norton’s new adult store Cotswold Erotica.

Ken Norman, 53, a resident of the town and promoter of Flock Comedy, is not best pleased about the festival.

He said: “There’s very little for the kids to do. It’s hardly inclusive, is it? I was hoping to have a comedy festival that weekend but I’ll just have to pull out now.”