HEADINGTON residents have spoken of their disgust after yobs trashed a Narnia-inspired wood carving display at a park.

Councillors and residents were left outraged after the act of vandalism which took place on Wednesday and Friday overnight last week at Bury Knowle Park.

The attackers cut down trees, hacked up plants and went so far as to decapitate Mr Tumnus and Mrs Beaver, who are part of a Narnia-inspired wood carving scene created by artist Matt Cave.

County councillor for the Headington & Quarry area Roz Smith said: “It’s absolutely awful, this is just criminal.

“I am just flabbergasted when I saw it, they have caused lots of damage and ripped the heads of the daffodils and Mr Mouse has been decapitated.

“It just really saddens me that this has happened.”

The carving, which includes a sculpture of Aslan the lion is based on CS Lewis’s world of Narnia, after the author who had a home in Oxford and is buried at Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry.

It was completed by Oxford wood sculptor Matt Cave thanks to a grant from Tesco of £12,000, which was paid for through the 5p carrier bag levy.

Roz Smith added: "It is unique the carving, we are not going to get it back again. They have spoiled a wonderful creation by doing this, it is just absolutely mindless.

"It's difficult to solve it, we won't close off the park at night and we shouldn't have to get CCTV cameras."

Headington councillor Ruth Wilkinson also joined the condemnation and said the latest attack come after similar incidents nearby.

She said: “Some of the comments we have had about Headington is that it needs more character and identify.

“So that makes the vandalism attacks even more disheartening.

“There have been recent reports of plants being uprooted in nearby North Place which is close to one of the Park entrances, and that is currently being investigated.

“It’s too early to know who is responsible or why it is happening.

“The local neighbourhood police team is aware so those on patrol will be watching out for suspicious behaviour.”

It later transpired that while the head of Mrs Beaver has since been found on the park grounds Mr Tumnus will remain headless unless the offenders come forward.

The latest act of vandalism comes a month after vandals tore up a life-saving defibrillator in Marston in a ‘senseless’ attack at the Marston Saints Football Club clubhouse.

This followed similar acts of vandalism at Mortimer Hall Recreation Ground in Marston where a memorial tree was hacked up as well as benches being set alight.

Thames Valley Police were contacted for comment but did not respond.