A FAIR Trade coffee farmer is to visit Oxford to give a talk at Oxford Town Hall.

Santiago Dolmus, from Nicaragua, will be in the city on Thursday and Friday.

He is coming to speak at Oxford Town Hall on Thursday at 7.30 pm about the importance of Fair Trade and the impact of climate change on coffee farmers in Central America.

The talk will be in Spanish but translated into English.

Senior Dolmus will be visiting shops in Oxford which sell Fair Trade coffee, especially Cafe Direct, which contains Nicaraguan coffee.

Labour city councillor John Tanner said: “Oxfordshire is one of Britain’s leading areas for sales of fairly traded products such as coffee, bananas, chocolate and wine.

“Fair Trade guarantees a higher price to poor-country producers so they can fund schools and clinics, and pay better wages.

“I am thrilled to meet one of the farmers who actually grows the fairly-traded coffee we take for granted and drink every day.”

Oxford and Leon in Nicaragua are twin cities and last year the 30th anniversary of the twinning link was celebrated with a series of events.

The Oxford León Association and Trust, which has been raising funds for development projects in León since the twinning links were agreed in 1986, hosted the events.

The registered charity has raised money for projects including providing clean drinking water, equipment for primary schools and support for victims of domestic violence.

Fair Trade Fortnight started on February 27 and runs until Sunday.