A COMPANY revolutionising healthcare welcomed an MP to take a look at its digital products it builds from scratch for patients.

Seven years ago a small group of experts never thought that their business Incuna would become one of Europe’s largest digital agencies.

And to understand the growing company on her constituency doorstep, Nicola Blackwood MP for West Oxford and Abingdon and under-secretary of state for public health, visited on Friday.

She said: “Oxford is best placed to capitalise on the technological revolution, which is transforming healthcare.

“We have world-leading medical research and data capabilities, including the recent £113 million investment in our Biomedical Research Centre, led by the eminent Professor, Keith Channon.

“We have a strong pipeline of ambitious and bright employees, graduating from our universities, which excel in computer science and information technology.

“And we have a growing number of digital entrepreneurs, like those who founded Incuna, who bring both together, providing employment opportunities and developing products in Oxford which have a global reach.”

Incuna employs programmers and developers who build digital products and services from scratch which respond to patient need.

Managing director Peter Ward said: “ePatient platforms are transforming patient experience and care, especially those with long-term conditions who take many drugs at different times in the day.

“The company recently developed a patient platform for cancer, heavily influenced by patients themselves and validated by medics, which is now used in 14 different countries and helps thousands of people manage their condition better.”

One of the companies’ successful projects is Epatients, which allows patients to input information about themselves to receive tailored advice about their condition, plus case studies that are relevant to them.

To date the Summertown company has worked with more than 40 clients and in 2012 it opened another office in Singapore to meet the demand in the Asia Pacific.

Mr Ward added: “Recently we also held one of the UK’s first Hardware Hacking workshops for health.

“The teams that attended were able to create a prototype digital pulse checker in under half an hour, whilst another created a digital thermometer in 40 minutes.”

Cyan Collier, Creative Director of Incuna said: “Our aim is to demystify the process of creating new health technologies.

“An idea about a new device to improve health outcomes can be transformed into a reality, if a few of the right building blocks are in place.

“This has the potential to unleash an infinite number of solutions to the health challenges we face in this country and the world.”

The company has also started a partnership with the European Cancer Network that will increase the number of patients in Europe who will be involved with and benefit from clinical research and offer access to new medicines.

Incuna is hosting a company open day on Wednesday, March 15 at 9am.

For more information or to attend contact: recruitment@incuna.com