About 100 people gathered in Oxford today for the second round of protests against Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Protesters rallied outside Carfax Tower, in Cornmarket Street, from 1pm to stand up against the order which bars people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the United States.

It comes after hundreds of people in the city rallied against the ban on Monday.

Oxford Mail:

  • The scene on Monday as protesters gathered for the first anti-trump protest

Oxford Stand up to Racism joint chairwoman Mariam Ahmed: "There is a link between inflammatory statements by politicians and racist attacks and hate crimes on the street.

"There has been a rise in such crimes in Britain, following the EU referendum and a similar pattern has emerged in the US. 

"The huge protests against Trump's immigration ban show the potential to push the racism back into the gutter where it belongs."

Anjum Ahmed, also joint chair of Oxford Stand Up To Racism, added: "The protests have put Trump and Theresa May under huge pressure, and we can see cracks appearing.  We have to increase the pressure now with more and bigger protests to make sure we win."

At the protest, Ian McKendrick, 50, of Stand up to Racism said the protest was not just about the immigration ban but also Theresa May 'appeasing' the American president.

He added: "I think this movement has been incredible. Its a movement we haven't seen since the civil rights movement.

"I think it’s really important to stand up to this, these things don't happen automatically."

One protestor, Lynda Greenhill, 59, from Stone, said: "I am protesting against Trump and the reason I am here is that we are all human beings and we should be treated like human beings.”

Oxford Mail:

Another, Sue Shaw, 60, said: "My family were refugees and when you are desperate for anywhere to live it is immoral to lock the doors when people are looking for sanctuary.

“We all need to look after each other and stand up to these men who have appalling views."

Oxford Mail:

Action groups Oxford Stand Up To Racism, Oxford Stop the War Coalition, Oxford Peoples Assembly and Oxford Momentum have together called the second wave of protests.

Oxford Labour Party, Oxford Green Party and Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch are also in support.

Momentum Oxford Steering Committee member Cathy Augustine said: "We are pleased to join our voices with other Oxford groups opposing the racist, misogynistic, divisive policies of Trump – and telling Theresa May that she does not speak for us in her endorsement of them."