We hope Felicity Jane Lowde does appeal against her conviction and sentence for harassment.

It will give the courts the opportunity to impose tougher penalties on this despicable woman.

Lowde waged a year-long hate campaign by email against Rachel North, a survivor of the July 7 bombings in London.

She was found guilty of harassment in her absence after failing to attend her trial before magistrates in East London.

She went on the run, and despite her conviction, continued to bombard Ms North with a further torrent of abuse.

Yesterday, the law finally caught up with her and she was jailed for six months, put under a restraining order and given a five-year Asbo.

Judge Malcolm Reed, sitting at Thames Magistrates Court in London, admitted his powers were inadequate.

Harassment of this kind is a vile crime, adding in this case immeasurably to the grief Ms North was suffering as a result of her July 7 ordeal.

We look forward to Lowde's appeal - and to the court locking her up for a more appropriate period.