A LARGE silver spaceship-like object sent minds soaring to new heights at a primary school when children stumbled across an 'alien' object in Bicester.

The UFO appeared to have crashed into St Edburg's School playing field, in the Kingsmere Estate, yesterday during the term when, by complete coincidence, children were learning about the galaxy.

Staff cordoned off the area throughout the morning to avoid 'contaminating evidence' of any alien lifeforms.

The pupils were taken into assembly before overall-clad school business manager Duncan Marshall burst through the doors to let the children know of the exciting find.

They were lead outside to witness the strange object that appeared to have fallen from the sky on the playing field.

One 11-year-old pupil Caitlyn Geering said: "In the middle of assembly Mr Marshall came in and he was all covered up and he said the spaceship had landed over the weekend.

"I did see flashing red lights in the sky and the lights were spinning round really fast, that was on Saturday night.

"Maybe that was the spaceship and it has broken down, my internet last night was also extremely slow so maybe that interfered with it."

The find sparked a number of questions from the primary school pupils about where it could have come from, why it had landed and who may have been inside.

Some thought the UFO's route through the clouds and fog was still visible, a report of possible alien footprints were uncovered and also the idea that the roof from nearby housing was being used to fix the spaceship.

Youngster Katelyn Cherriman, 10, said: "I think it is a spaceship because we have been researching space in class and yesterday we looked up about a rocket launching.

"I think it could be part of that rocket.

"I also saw something that was really big and really bright in the sky, plus my internet yesterday went too."

Schoolchildren were taken back into the classroom to talk about what they had found and where it could have come from as part of the space project being taught this term.

Headteacher Margaret Kunzer said: "The children have been investigating this story all day.

"During the day they have found strange and mysterious evidence that might give clues about how and why this 'space ship' is at our school.

"They have found odd coloured rocks including some red dust as well as traces of scorch marks that cannot be explained. Our local police also came to look at the scene and have taken photos to look at in more detail.

"They reminded the children about being safe and to report anything odd to a known adult. The space ship will be taken away later today for more detailed examinations but the children will continue to work out this mystery landing."