Travellers have rolled into at a site at Marston Ferry Road.

Old Marston Parish Council first raised the alarm last night that a number of travellers had stopped on a cycle path in the area.

The Parish Council tweeted:

Parish councillor Duncan Hartfield said the situation was a "nightmare" and a repeat of what happened in the summer.

He said: "In the summer we had travellers in that same area and it was so difficult to get them moved on.

"We are concerned about schoolchildren as well because last time they were here, the children reported that they felt scared and frightened when they had to walk past them on their way to school.

"We only found out last night so I do not know if it is just a few families or a lot more people there."

Meanwhile, councillor Linda Smith said that travellers had been moved on from Leys Park.

Paul Smith at Oxfordshire County Council said: "Leys Pool travellers have moved on.

"County Council is in liaison with the Police and City Council about the arrival of travellers at Marston Ferry Road."

One year ago travellers who had camped at the same spot for over a month were forced to leave after the county council brought court proceedings.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted.