FORMER rockstar Nick Cope has rounded up an all-star cast for his latest CD of children's music.

The former Candyskins frontman is joined on A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs by Ride and Oasis guitarist Andy Bell, with the album being produced by Truckfest founders Robin and Joe Bennett.

Proving to be a rock star even at 50, he has now sold out two shows at Oxford's Holywell Music Room next month to premiere the new songs.

Mr Cope, who lives with his partner Amanda and their three children in Hurst Street, said: "Thing are pretty busy right now.

"I sold out two shows back-to-back at the Holywell Music rooms in 30 minutes and pre-sales for the CD and DVD are flying into my inbox."

A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs is Mr Cope's fifth collection of original songs for families and children.

He has been writing and performing children's music for eight years and built up a fan base over the world.

In some ways, it's not so different from his previous life as a rock n roll star.

For ten years from 1989, he toured the world as the frontman of indie rock band The Candyskins.

Growing up in Islip, he had formed the band with his brother Mark and their friends at Gosford Hill School Nick Burton and John Halliday.

The group toured the globe and recorded four studio albums, riding the Britpop wave and cashing in on the "Oxford Scene" label given to their contemporaries Radiohead, Supergrass and Ride.

A decade after the band split, Mr Cope launched a new musical career aimed at a very different audience and quickly won praise.

Actress and comedian Lucy Porter has said of his act: "Funny, profound, educational, our children have talked about everything from gravity to grieving thanks to Nick Cope’s songs."

Children's literary agent James Catchpole has said the 'beautifully-composed songs' were 'hypnotic for babies and joyful for toddlers'.

Speaking about his latest album Mr Cope said: "The songs focus on a variety of subjects but looking after our planet and each other is at the core of many of them.

"There are heart-warming stories of lonely wolf children and amazing tales of aliens and dinosaurs and not forgetting Joe and his Mum who really can’t decide on the best way to spend the day."

The album will be available on iTunes from December 4.

Mr Cope will also be re-released his Christmas song The Same Old Christmas this year to raise money for Oxford children's hospice Helen and Douglas House.

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