A TRIO of korfball players switched brawn for brains as they secured their second win on BBC quiz show Only Connect.

Taissa Csaky, Niall Sheekey and Michael Jelley triumphed on the programme on Monday night as they scored 22 points by linking seemingly unrelated clues.

It means the team will return to the show – hosted by Victoria Coren – in 2017 in an attempt to take a further step towards winning the championship.

The three met playing for Oxford City Korfball Club before deciding to apply for the show.

Mr Jelley said: "The three of us had done a few pub quizzes together on and off and it had always been a bit of an ambition to appear on the show.

"We saw an advert looking for teams so we put an application.

"We did quite a lot of practice and we went to each other's houses and watched old episodes trying to work out how we would have answered if we'd been on.

"By the end we had seen quite a lot of them."

The team adopted the name 'the Korfballers' for their appearance on the show, going up against 'the Shutterbugs' on Monday.

Korfball is a ball sport similar to basketball and is played by two teams of eight players, with four men and four women on each.

Oxford City Korfball team competes in one of the largest korfball leagues in the country, organised by the Oxfordshire Korfball Association (OKA).

The team recorded their two appearances on the show in Cardiff in April.

Mr Jelley, 33, said: "At the start you sit there and get nervous but when it starts it is just like playing along at home.

"We all know different sorts of things and each of us had different special skills.

"The wall section [where contestants sort clues into four sets of linked answers] is very strange.

"There is a TV screen with the answers but straight ahead of you there are a couple of camera lenses right in your face, so you need to try not do do anything too stupid."

The show has been broadcast since 2008 and moved to BBC Two from BBC Four in 2014.

East Oxford resident Mr Jelley said: "Victoria Coren had a small baby with her at the time so she did not have a lot of time but she was lovely.

"She was very knowledgeable and very good at putting us all at ease."

To find your nearest korfball club visit the OKA website http://www.oxfordshirekorfball.org.uk/