WHEN it comes to making money out of a clever idea entrepreneur Alan Rock has got it taped.

His company 3D Technologies has created a mobile phone app which can measure distances - so you will never need to go hunting for a tape measure.

The app, which can be downloaded on an iphone for £1.50, is already selling well in the UK and the United States.

Mr Rock, who lives near Chipping Norton, said: "When you need a tape measure you can never find one, so we have created this app called Moasure which should mean you will never need one again.

"The app uses motion measuring technology and can be used to measure a room's dimensions.

"It is selling well already and should be popular with estate agents, builders and decorators.

"Our vision is to make the app so well known that people will never need to use a tape measure again."

Father-of-two Mr Rock, 57, who lives with wife Kate, was one of 23 businesses pitching their products to potential investors at Pitchfest on Friday, at Unipart in Cowley.

He got the idea over a decade ago for the motion measuring app that combines the functions of a 100m tape measure and a spirit level.

But he had to wait for the technology to be perfected before he could create the app.

Mr Rock said: "Pitchfest is a good way of trying to attract new investment.

"We would like to accelerate the growth of our sales and launch an android version of the app."

Pitchfest is run by Venturefest Oxford which stages a major showcase for businesses and investors in June.

This year it was held at the King's Centre in Osney Mead and attracted 1,000 delegates.

Venturefest Oxford executive chairwoman Lynn Shepherd said the pitching session went very well and would lead to companies attracting investment.

She added: "There will be another Pitchfest in February."

Mike Edwards, of Meteor Power, also attended, to try to attract new investment for a range of high-performance electric motorcycles.

He said: "We would like the bikes to go on sale by the end of 2017 and start delivering them to customers by 2018 - we think the future of motorbiking is electric."

Also at Pitchfest was David 'DJ' Hamblin-Brown, of Human Capital Valuation.

His company has created an electronic patient record app to improve communications in health care.

Mr Hamblin-Brown said: "Pitchfest is a good opportunity to test your ideas.

"I would love to see our app used somewhere like the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford."