EVER wanted to learn the ways of the Force and swing your very own lightsaber into battle?

Now you have your chance, as lightsaber training comes to Oxford.

Sporting Lightsaber Combat was first founded in Italy in 2006 has since spread to nine countries including the UK, which has 90 members across the country.

The sport which launched in Oxford earlier this month, is based on the lightsaber battles of the fictional Star Wars universe.

Jordan Court, who has been instrumental in bringing the classes to Oxford and heads up the UK-wing of the sport, told Oxford Mail: “I am the first person who was crazy enough to get involved in the sport in the UK.

“It was all created in Italy in 2006 after three friends who tried some re-enactment and started wondering 'how does this work?'

“It is a combat sport but the techniques are designed to be safe. There may be visual similarities but the techniques have been designed to be safe.

“As you progress you are able to use complete styles. No matter what your approach is you are making progress on the way to competitions which is what makes it such a compelling sport.

“We have seen the films and the sabres cut through metal robots like a knife through butter so there is no need for that strength to be used.

“We have a real variety of reasons that people get involved. Some because it’s lightsabers which calls to people who have always wanted to use that weapon.

“Some get involved because they are looking at doing something new or a taking up a different sport, some just because they like Star Wars, we take all sorts.

“Obviously the main idea is to take it to tournaments.”

The 36-year old who has practised martial arts since he was 18, has some lofty ambitions for the sport.

He said: “It is becoming an international sport, there will eventually be an Oxford regional tournament. Becoming an Olympic sport has always been the idea.

“It has been designed to adhere to the standards that they need, the only thing we are missing at the moment is the sheer numbers before we can go for recognition but that is the overall idea.

“In Oxford we have only been open for a couple of weeks so there are five members but we have more people showing interest all the time.

“We do get to the conventions but Lucas Film haven’t asked us to be extras in the films yet. But we will keep our fingers crossed.”

Trial classes at Oxford take place each Friday night at 7.30pm. For further information and to join e-mail england@ludosport.net