A GIANT rope ladder and a zip wire were just two of many challenges put to pupils at LVS School's team building day.

Nearly 50 students of the special school in Begbroke, near Woodstock, were put to the test at Youlbury Scout Camp in Boars Hill.

The event was put on for the pupils, who are all on the autistic spectrum, to help develop new skills and for team building.

One exercise was a huge Jacob’s Ladder climbing challenge.

Student Emma, 13, who suffers from anxiety, said: "I did my first ever climbing on the trip.

"I was nervous of going up that high but instead of being on my own we worked in a team which meant I received help throughout which made a big difference.

"We worked really well together and it was fun to spend time with students from other classes too."

The 48 pupils, aged 11 to 18, were able to get stuck into outdoor challenges including a 3G swing hoisted into the air and released by their classmates and a sensory trail where students were blindfolded.

Ethan, 17, said: "I was really nervous about going up so high and swinging as high as the tree tops but Bradley had been on one before so told me what to expect which helped me stay calm.

"It was actually really fun so I am glad I put my fears aside and had a go. I felt like I had achieved something good."

The event was held on Thursday, October 13, to give autistic pupils an outdoor education and to help develop their social skills.

The school’s head of centre Louisa Allison-Bergin said: "With communication often something students with autism find difficult, we wanted to encourage them to work together in teams through challenging experiences.

"In addition to providing academic studies and qualifications, we strive to help students grow in areas such as planning, problem solving, decision making, trust and adaptability.

"I was delighted to see students supporting and helping each other, and they have come back inspired by the day and what they achieved."