A MOTHER of three who was detained under the Mental Health Act left the John Radcliffe Hospital and was later killed by a train at Didcot, an inquest heard.

Deborah Yalcin, 51, of High Street, Bromley, left the hospital on the morning of December 3 2015 after she was kept overnight before a transfer to a safer hospital to undergo further mental health tests.

Describing his wife as a "highly qualified, intelligent woman" in a statement read out at Oxford Coroner's court, Ahmet Yalcin said he had been at her bedside all night after she was admitted to the John Radcliffe following an incident at the Ramada Hotel in Wheatley where police discovered her in a bath with a razor blade in her hand.

Mrs Yalcin had left her home in Bromley the morning before and told her husband she was "going for a drive, saying she would come back."

The jury of six women and two men, one was dismissed due to an association with one of the witnesses, heard yesterday how Mr Yalcin was left to supervise his wife throughout the night on December 2.

In his statement he said: "I was alone with my wife and at 4am I was told she was going to be moved to London at 7am.

"I was sitting and watching my wife, no one came to check on her or give her any medication.

"When she went to the toilet I followed her and waited outside.

"At around 5.30am she said why don't I lie down? And my wife sat in the chair next to me and I fell asleep.

"Around 7.30am the nurse woke me up has told me Debbie had gone."

Assistant coroner for Oxfordshire, Jeremy Chipperfield, said: "Shortly after 11am a train driver was making his way through Didcot Parkway and was travelling between 50 and 55mph when he saw a person leave the platform."

In Dr Elizabeth Soilleux's post mortem report confirmed through fingerprint identification that the body of the person hit by the train was Mrs Yalcin.

Evidence was also given by the police officers who attended the scene at the hotel and a mental health practitioner who initially assessed Mrs Yalcin when she arrived at the John Radcliffe.

The inquest continues.