On behalf of Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue, I must correct Alan Page's assertion (Oxford Mail, June 14) that it is legal to poison foxes.

Mr Page has put into the public arena dangerous and false information.

It is illegal to poison foxes under the Environment Protection Act, the Misuse of Poisons Act, and the Animal Welfare Act.

Anyone doing so is liable to prosecution.

I am extremely concerned about the detailed information Mr Page seems to have about the methods used, and the effects of, the illegal poison he refers to in his letter.

If anyone knows of a person laying poison to kill foxes, they should inform their local Wildlife Crime Officer.

The BBC's Springwatch programme has featured a section each night on foxes living in Glasgow.

Their family ties, social interaction, intelligence, affection and playfulness have captivated and informed the watching millions.

The sequence of the fox cub merrily playing with a tennis ball delightfully illustrates the spirit of all fox cubs.

How jarring then to see the cruel and bitter wildlife persecutors still peddling their outdated and splenetic opinions - and far worse, acting them out upon our wildlife, whom most of us wish to cherish, protect and appreciate.

PENNY LITTLE Little Foxes Great Haseley Thame