TV STARS Roger Allam and Shaun Evans are no strangers to having body doubles on set, but here the pair were amused to be presented with them in fondant form.

Crews returned to Oxford to shoot Endeavour series four this week and fan Julia Atkinson made a special sponge for the occasion.

The smartly dressed on-screen duo gazed in delight as Ms Atkinson handed it over, topped with miniatures of the pair.

The Endeavour fan and owner of Happy Cakes in Summertown said: “They were filming at the Botanical Gardens before in the centre in Broad Street and Wellington Square.

“I tend to keep my eye out for the filming and we try to be discreet when we go but I have spoken to Shaun and he’s great.

“They work 16-hours days and they were filming the last episode of the series, so I thought it’d be nice to make something special.

“Both Roger and Shaun were laughing when we gave it to them, they seemed quite tickled by it.”

Oxfordshire is a long-standing hotspot for the Inspector Morse spin-off including New College and recently Headington Cemetery.