DAVID Cameron recorded memoirs on a MiniDisc throughout his time as Prime Minister, it has emerged.

According to The Times, the outgoing Witney MP held regular secret meetings with columnist Lord Finkelstein for "frank" discussions about foreign and domestic affairs.

Together they amassed about 53 hours of recordings, which will form the basis of Mr Cameron's upcoming book. It is expected to fetch more than £1m from publishers.

During their discussions, which began soon after the 2010 general election and continued until after the EU referendum, Mr Cameron was reportedly pressed by Lord Finkelstein for details he might forget in future.

They talked about events as they developed, his thoughts on foreign leaders and topical issues.

A MiniDisc device was used because it is believed to be "unhackable", according to The Times. MiniDiscs suffered from disappointing sales in the 1990s despite fanfair from maker Sony.

The idea for the recordings is said to have come to Finkelstein after he read The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With The President by historian Taylor Branch, which also came from tape-recorded interviews.