TENANTS in Barton have been quizzed on plans for a major redevelopment project.

Oxford City Council has proposed bulldozing Underhill Circus and investing £8m in new buildings.

The local authority said plans were at an “early stage” but it wanted to inform tenants and provide reassurances it will find alternative accommodation.

Tenants will have the option of moving somewhere else permanently or returning to Underhill Circus once the redevelopment is complete.

A block of 46 flats, including those in Stowford and Bayswater roads, will get a facelift and the neighbourhood centre will also receive a new IT suite along with its own GP surgery over the next four years.

Barton councillor Mike Rowley, board member for housing, said: “We are committed to regenerating Barton and are considering ambitious plans for the rebirth of Underhill Circus, which is the face of the community.

“Although the actual work will not begin for several years, we are giving residents early notice.”

The council has a legal duty to compensate tenants who suffer a loss, disadvantage or have extra costs to pay because of having to move home.

It is also required to cover reasonable expenses involved in moving home.

While works to the blocks of flats and street scene are set to begin in the coming weeks, the redevelopment of Underhill Circus is expected to start in 2019 or 2020.

Nearer to the time of the demolition of the buildings, a Final Demolition Notice will be served on all tenants.