NO-ONE ever wants to need to use a public defibrillator but should the occasion ever arise, Abingdon Lions Club is determined to make sure one is available.

The group has committed to doing its bit to help South Central Ambulance Service commander Dick Tracey on his crusade to flood the county with these machines.

It has just purchased another defibrillator for the town and are in talks to get it installed at the Wildwood Kitchen in Bury Street.

Abingdon Lions Club President Ron Skinner said: "This will be our seventh defibrillator we have fundraised for over the past ten years.

"Funding from this most recent one has stemmed from our Christmas Santa Claus Float which goes round Abingdon plus funding from the other events such as the Cholsey Flower Show and the Cowley Classic car show.

"This defibrillator cost about £3,300 but the costs do vary depending on circumstances such as needing to buy the cabinet also."

Abingdon Lion Club are hoping to help Mr Tracey on his quest for nobody to be more than eight minutes away from a defibrillator.

This crusade has been supported by the Oxford Mail since July 2014 and helped to bring the number of public defibrillators up from 120 to 538.

Mr Tracey said: "What the guys have done at Abingdon Lions Club have done is fantastic in fundraising for these defibrillators.

"Getting more defibrillators into Abingdon and across the county is so important as these machines can benefit anybody of any age.

"Certainly more lives will be saved and I know the group is planning on what to do for the next defibrillator."

Mr Skinner, 70, added: "I think it is vital especially after speaking with Dick Tracey who wants to flood the area so that everybody is within eight minutes of a defibrillator.

"I am also trying to drag the group into the 21st century, and it is a great way of highlighting the club through supporting the campaign for defibrillators.

"If we can help save one life it is worth it."

The Abingdon Lions Club currently has about 15 members who regularly take part in fundraising for local causes.

Other fundraising events the group have staged included Mr Skinner's 70th birthday parachute jump and also a group headed out to Trek through Nepal in 2014.