NEW mums and tiny tots gathered at the Leys Children's Centre yesterday to talk and break taboos for The Big Latch On 2016.

Venues in Oxford, Banbury, Chipping Norton and Carterton held special meet-ups to get as many women breastfeeding at the same time as possible for the national event.

Their exploits were supported locally by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, with health visitors, midwives and staff also joining events.

The national drive aimed to promote breastfeeding as a healthy and natural choice, as well as creating networks for parents with young children.

Four women attended the Leys event in Cuddesdon Way, including Susie Whyte, pictured with her seven-month-old first born Henry.

But fellow attendee Dianali Rodrigues, who brought along 13-month-old daughter Miranda Baker, said it had been a success nonetheless.

The 29-year-old added: "It was very nice to see the other mums there and have everybody breastfeeding together; the execution we need to re-adjust.

"It was fun seeing all the health visitors trying to make the babies latch on when they were more interested in the camera."

Mrs Rodrigues, who travelled from South Oxford to attend, said she had been told some events elsewhere had pulled in more than 1,000 women.

Earlier this week Banbury MP Victoria Prentis came forward in support of The Big Latch On, calling on communities to recognise the benefits of breastfeeding.

At present 11 'Baby Cafes' are run around the county at children's centres run by Oxfordshire County Council.

Mrs Rodrigues said: "It's important to do this in a public space. Breastfeeding can make people feel uncomfortable, but then rethink.

"This is a natural, normal thing and it's important to keep doing these kinds of activities."