OXFORD could be the first city to be hit a brand new craze - yarnbombing.

Thousands of multicoloured woollen flowers now festoon the Radcliffe Camera, all in a bid to raise money for Oxfordshire Mind.

The Oxford Drunken Knitwits are behind the stunt and members spent the weekend tying 2,000 hand knitted and crochet flowers to the city landmark.

Janey Messina, founder of the knitting club, said: "We always wanted to do something like this and we thought if we are going to all this effort - why not do it for a good cause?

"Every year we like to do something for charity so it just made sense to choose Mind.

"It is a great way for us to involve the community not only in what we do, but the amazing work the charity does.

"It was a lot of work but definitely worth it and we are so pleased it is being well received by everyone."

Since February the club has been putting their needles to good use, knitting the 1,500 flowers on display.

The Drunken Knitwits now has more than 100 members but also roped in help from across the country to complete the stunt.

Dr Messina added: "We did a piece with the knitting magazine 'Simply Knitting' and asked any fellow knitters to send in some flowers to Mind by July.

"We went along to collect them a few weeks ago and we were just astounded by the amount that were there - I think about 500 were sent in.

"There was one anonymous donor who gave us the most beautiful flowers.

"They had labelled different boxes with the different types of flowers they were supposed to be and they were so beautifully crafted you knew exactly what type of flower they were."

After tying the flowers to green garlands, the group then spent Sunday afternoon wrapping them round the building.

Along with the flower garlands are signs giving the number that needs to be referenced when making a donation.

Beth McAllister, communications coordinator at Oxfordshire Mind, said: "It was so nice to be approached, we were so pleased.

"Whatever is raised will be an enormous help to us and something that we really do appreciate.

"The money will go towards supporting our services we provide across the county.

"It really is a lovely touch to be recognised so openly by the knitting group."

Oxfordshire Mind runs a wide range of services for anyone over the age of 16 who is affected by mental health problems including: peer support groups, free short courses on managing stress, expert benefits advice and supported housing.

To make a donation text 'ODKW75' and the amount you would like to donate to 70070