BEAMING with pride and surrounded by their most recent exhibition, a group of artists are celebrating after being put forward for a national prize.

The Shadowlight Artists, professionals with learning disabilities, have been nominated for the National Diversity Award.

Film Oxford’s Richard Duriez, who works with and supports the group, said the news was "fantastic".

He said: "I found out before all of the artists, so I'm the lucky one who gets to telephone them all and let them know.

"It is just brilliant news and it is so well deserved.

"They are an incredible group of people and artists and I really hope it is good news again when they announce the winners in September."

The group has been nominated in the category 'Community Organisation Award for Disability.'

A ceremony will be held at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool on Friday, September 16, when the winners will be announced.

Mr Duriez added: "The nomination is perfectly timed as the group currently have an exhibition at the Cornerstone."

The exhibition, 'Creative Bridges', is a collection of work that progresses each artists' creative development, much of which involves digital media.

During the exhibition visitors will be able to watch the video of 'The Big Shock', a play by Russell Highsmith of Abingdon.

It was performed at the Cornerstone in February and can now be watched in full along with backstage footage from the production.

Also at the exhibition, in work by Danny Smith, from Oxford, who created a 'dance for camera' film which was shot in a cave in the Forest of Dean.

In the film Mr Smith wakes from a dream and is transported back to Neolithic times and becomes a caveman.

Also featured is Didcot's Lucy Skuse who painted a picture of the Didcot Power Station cooling towers.

Mr Duriez added: "It is just jammed packed with so many different topics and stories.

"I've really enjoyed visiting and experiencing it myself."

The exhibition will run until Sunday, August 14.

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