WEDDING bells sounded in Bicester's Garth Park yesterday as Samantha Goddard married her soulmate Tony Chandler.

The happy couple from Windle Gardens tied the knot at the registry office in the park before partying in The Ashton Club in the town to celebrate the occasion.

Mrs Chandler was left blind in 2009 after she was wrongly prescribed swine flue drug Tamiflu.

Her son Vinnie then went through a brutal course of chemotherapy last year after being diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was three months old.

But yesterday was a day for celebration for the pair, as well as for Vinnie and the rest of the family.

Mrs Chandler said: "It was a brilliant day, we had a lovely time and the weather held up.

"After the ceremony we had photos taken outside and then we all went home and got ready for the evening do.

"We had about 20 or 25 guests there, it was a small gather of close friends.

"It was nice because it was people who we are close to who turned up."

Mrs Chandler arrived at the 11.15am ceremony in a Mercedes limousine and she and Mr Chandler spent the night in a hotel after the reception.

They have postponed plans for a honeymoon to allow them to spend time with Vinnie as he recovers from chemotherapy.

Mrs Chandler said: "We are just spending our time chilling out and enjoying married life."