SOAKING up the first of the July sunshine will be thousands of visitors as they flock to Waterperry Gardens for the final Art in Action festival.

Bernard Saunders, who died aged 81 in March, devoted four decades of his life to Art in Action, which has seen tens of thousands of visitors flocking to Waterperry Gardens every July to see potters pot and painters paint.

The festival is now presenting its final show after wowing art fanatics and amateurs alike with quality arts and crafts, with organiser Simon Buchanan saying it feels like the right time to bring the festival to a close.

Visitors will be able to see masters of jewellery making, textiles, woodwork and glassblowing at work as well as potters, painters and scupltors.

There is also a chance for people to get hands on with the ever popular practical classes section. 

The festival began in 1977 when just 51 artists were visited by 14,000 people.

Now it attracts around 25,000 people over the four days. 

To make sure this year's festival goes out with a bang, there will the introduction of the digital arts tent, which is hoped to show people that computers can be another tool in the hands of the artist, alongside 400 talented artists and sculptors and many art classes.

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The event runs until Sunday.