WILDLIFE wonder woman Judy Webb led an intrepid expedition through a hidden habitat in Oxford to show people a world she says is under threat.

Ecologist Dr Webb revealed the secrets of Headington's Lye Valley nature reserve on a guided tour on Wednesday afternoon.

Explorers learnt about the reserve's treasured trees and plants, including the rare grass of Parnassus, glow worms, lizards and snakes.

But Dr Webb, chairwoman of the Friends of Lye Valley conservation group, also explained how important it is to protect those species.

She said: "The special conditions in the Lye Valley will only continue if it is protected from environmental changes, especially in water quality.

"That is why Friends of Lye Valley are working with statutory bodies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency to create a vision for the valley that will help to conserve and enhance this site, which is unique within Oxfordshire."