AN invasion of Chinese tourists in a suburban street has led to a council boss contacting the police over privacy fears.

About 40 tourists at a time have been spotted posing in front gardens and among the flowers in Kidlington for the past few weeks.

It has left the locals bemused at the "bizarre" new fascination with their village, with most seeing the funny side.

But the influx has led some residents to make complaints about the tourists coming into the gardens, as well as the coaches being parked on the side of their roads.

Parish Council chairman Maurice Billington confirmed he has been in contact with the police over the matter.

He added: "It's supposed to be the biggest village in Europe so that might be the reason. We are happy for them to come here but we do not want them going into people's gardens to take pictures."

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, residents in Benmead Road and the Moors – where coachloads have been pitching up – said how tourists had been taking pictures of people's homes, gardens, and even asking to have photos taken with locals themselves.

John Wheeler, pictured chatting with the tourists, said: "The first time we noticed them was the day Tim Peake landed because we were sat watching it on TV in our living room.

"I turned around and there were two Chinese people right up close to our front window taking pictures of the vase of flowers in the widow.

"I went outside and they were all very excited, then they wanted me to get in the pictures as well.

"I asked if anybody spoke English and one man who said his English name was Walter said they don’t have flowers in Beijing, just apartment blocks so don’t have houses like ours either, it was all new to them.

"I personally haven’t taken any offence, it is hilarious."

John Chipperfield, former Oxford Mail news editor and Lambs Close resident, said tourists had been in his garden to take pictures of his hanging baskets.

He added: "They all seem very harmless, they just seem to take a picture and then disappear."

Christine McGrath, owner of the King's Arms pub in the Moors with her husband Gerry, said the tourists regularly visited for a drink while on their travels.

She said: "A couple of them have been in here asking to take photos. I was walking my dog Millie when a group asked if they could have a picture with me as well.

"They are always very courteous, and of course it is good for business."

She added she thought the group might have been interested in the former home of Richard Branson, who used to live in Mill End.

The film location website Location Oxfordshire also lists an episode of Inspector Morse as being filmed in Thrupp, just north of Kidlington.

Mike Foster, who lives in the Moors, said: "I've tried speaking to the coach drivers, I know one was Polish but he claimed not to understand English.

"I've got foxgloves growing in the garden, and one group decided to tie them around their necks and take photos."