VILLAGERS have named Richard Branson and Bicester Village as reasons for the weekly coachload of tourists that have been pitching up and wandering around gardens in Kidlington.

About 40 tourists at a time have been spotted posing in front gardens and among the flowers in the Oxfordshire village for the past few weeks.

It has left the locals bemused at the "bizarre" new fascination with their village.

Christine McGrath, owner of the King's Arms pub in The Moors with her husband Gerry, said the tourists regularly visited for a drink while on their travels.

She said: "A couple of them have been in here asking to take photos. I was walking my dog Millie when a group asked if they could have a picture with me as well.

"They are always very courteous, and of course it is good for business.

"This is a very old village and we're one of the oldest pubs here as well so that might be why they are interested."

Resident Tony Bennell said: "You are used to seeing tourists going round the Universities in Oxford, or places such as Bourton-on-the-Water but not quite used to seeing them in Kidlington.

Oxford Mail:

"They do get very excited about it and really enjoy taking pictures in front of the gardens and flowers.

"People in the area have got their own views on it all, I have no personal grievance but for example there are gardens where people have benches out and the tourists will just wander in and pose for selfies on them."

The influx though has led some residents to make complaints to the police about the tourists coming into the gardens, as well as the coaches being parked on the side of their roads.

Parish Council chairman Maurice Billington confirmed he has been in contact with the police over the matter.