AN OXFORD headteacher has revealed her school could stop referring to pupils as "girls" in case it upsets those who question their gender identity.

Caroline Jordan, headmistress of the independent Headington School, told The Sunday Times: "In assemblies instead of saying ‘girls, go to lessons’, staff should consider saying ‘pupils, go to lessons’.

"That is something our schools are thinking about and some are already doing."

Ms Jordan, who is president of the Girls' Schools Association, added: "I feel that every year there are more young people posing questions around their gender identity.

"I do not want anyone to think that girls’ or boys’ schools are invested in one way of being a girl or one way of being a boy.

"My view is that where you can use gender-neutral language about people that is a good thing."

Her comments came as the GSA told leading private, single-sex schools not to use the words “girls”, “young women” and “young ladies” because they might offend pupils who are questioning their gender identity.

Instead, teachers are recommended to use gender-neutral words such as pupils or students. 

The advice also recommends creating unisex lavatories.