A MOTHER has pleaded with a council to reline an outdoor pool after its jagged lining sliced children's feet.

Naomi Richardson, who is campaigning for changes to Abbey Meadows Outdoor Pool in Abingdon, said she was not surprised to receive a message from a mum-of-three whose children's skin became blistered and cut after scraping the bottom of the tank.

The North Abingdon resident, who previously fought to keep the pool open, said: "It has been a problem for years but the pool is much more popular now.

"I send my daughter in with booties but it shouldn't be necessary."

Last year more than 2,500 people signed Mrs Richardson's petition calling for the pool to stay open, during council consultation which could have seen it closed.

Plans for Abbey Meadows which included the line "refurbish pool" were favoured by 81 per cent of 3,157 respondents, and in April the council announced £615,000 revamp plans.

But amid improvements listed for the changing rooms, play areas and toilets, there were no changes to the pool itself.

Mrs Richardson said: "We voted in good faith and that’s why people are so upset. The council promised one thing and is delivering on something completely different.

"There are a lot of hard-working families in Abingdon who deserve something to enjoy. These plans have been decided by one person."

She said plans to build toilets blocking the view of the river and a covered walkway at the entrance were "bonkers", and was concerned the new adventure playground would "cram in" children.

Town councillor Samantha Bowring said she took her three children swimming in socks when they were younger to avoid cuts on the lining.

She said: "Skin goes soft in water and it would start bleeding, it was horrible. It's a really rough concrete texture.

"It beggars belief about the consultation, it feels like they have ignored it. It's another year of being disappointed."

Vale of White Horse spokesman Gavin Walton said: "The shallow area of the pool has a special non-slip surface. This is a material used in many pools to improve safety. We are looking into claims that people have been injured whilst using the pool as safety is obviously our utmost concern.

"We have made a commitment to keep the pool open as a result of the response to last year’s consultation."

The council carried out £13,000 worth of cleaning, painting and heating repair works before opening for this year's season in May.

Peter Harbour, spokesman for Friends of Abbey Meadow Pool, said: "The pool is much cleaner and fresher, but that doesn't cover the cracks.

"It's wonderful to see children spend a long time in the water instead of retreating to the shallows to warm up, the atmosphere is superb. With a bit more tender loving care the picture would be complete."