A £12.5m project to make Headington's roads safer has been given the go-ahead, more than a year after first being drawn up. 

David Nimmo-Smith, county council member for transport, said he was "happy" to approve the scheme after considering comments from 483 residents.

It will see new cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, waiting times and parking bays introduced throughout the area. 

He said: "Doing nothing about Headington's roads is not an option because the issues are not going to resolve themseves.

"We have got to look at the opinions of residents, drivers, cyclists and visitors when considering a scheme like this and so we are going to have to compromise on some of the aspects of this scheme."

Approved plans are the second of their kind, after a wave of public opinion forced the county council to reconsider its original scheme, which involved replacing all parking spaces in Headley Way and Windmill Road with cycle lanes and footpaths.

But the second wave of plans, developed after residents complained the removal of on-street parking would encourage drivers to speed up, involve retaining some parking spaces.

Mr Nimmo-Smith said he would approve the retaining of some spaces on Windmill Road but hoped to consult on this aspect a little further in the next month.

Governor of Windmill Primary School, Geoff Sutton, said: "25 years ago a child died while walking to school in the area, and history nearly repeated itself a few months ago when two cars collided to avoid hitting a child crossing the road in the same area.

"I'm pleased our views have been listened to in terms of considering the safety of children and pupils but I really think making the road a 10 mile per hour zone would decrease the chance of more fatalaties or injuries for children in the area."

Mr Nimmo-Smith said he expected work to begin on the project this summer, but councillor Roz Smith urged the county council to consider delivering projects in phases.

She said: "I think anyone living in Headington or anyone that travels in and out of Headington for work will agree that improved travel plans for the city do not start here.

"We are retrofitting plans but we need to think about residents needs, the demands of cyclists, safety aspects and the hospital staff who are coming too and from the hospital every day.

"I think it would be worth carrying out the less controversial aspects of the project sooner but postponing the more controversial parts until something can be properly worked out."

Consultation for the scheme ended on May 23 and Mr Nimmo-Smith has approved waiting restrictions in The Slade, Headley Way and Windmill Road.

A mandatory cycle lane on the east side of Headley Way will soon become a reality, but will be shortened by nine metres between its junction with Bowness Avenue and Snowdon Mede.

Cycle lanes on the west side of Headley Way between the John Radcliffe Hospital junction and Eden Drive will also go-ahead in addition to the shared use cycle track in Headley Way.