AN Islamic terrorist group is preventing a woman from Abingdon from doing her cross-stitch.

Amateur sewer Kim Wallis lives in Isis Close and says because her address shares the same name as the terror group, it has been "blacklisted" by Paypal.

The word Isis is automatically picked up by the company's online algorithms to prevent transactions being processed in case they are supporting terrorism.

It means her online transactions are regularly refused, including recently trying to buy cross-stitch.

Ms Wallis, 59, said: "I've been experiencing so many problems with Paypal letting me order something to my address and even in the last two days I've had my orders queried or been left as pending because they just don't process properly.

"This means the seller, understandably, thinks I can't pay for the product and I've had to start warning people in advance that I can pay, it's just Paypal doesn't like my address. I've had six orders cancelled or changed.

"It's the world gone a bit mad when I can't order myself some cross stitch."

Ms Wallis' neighbour, who did not want to be named, was equally as shocked about the posting problem.

She said: "It's rather unfortunate as Isis has this bad reputation but I am absolutely appalled. It is crazy.

"We have got nothing whatsoever to do with Isis, we are named after the river.

"It is political correctness gone mad; ridiculous.

"If it had been recently-named it might have been a bit provocative but it's a long-standing name."

A spokeswoman for Paypal said government regulations required the company to scan all payments for terrorist and other references.

She said: "We do everything we can to eliminate references that have nothing to do with terrorism, such as the common Oxford name Isis, without compromising our compliance obligations.

"We have no policy of banning PayPal payments to UK addresses containing the name Isis unless we have additional reasons to suspect that the payment may be related to terrorist funding."

Negative connotations with the terrorist group also led to a special school in Oxford changing its name at the end of last year.

The Isis Academy in Iffley Turn was renamed The Iffley Academy after jibes about pupils being trained as terrorists.

It followed the decision of Rowan Waller to change the name of his estate agency from Isis to Wallers of Oxford last summer.

But Kidlington electrician Chris Carey decided not to change the name of his company from Isis Electrical

He said: "It is just a storm in a teacup and we are happy to keep the name."