Animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for setting off two bombs at a farm - and warned other businesses could be targeted.

Incendiary devices exploded fuel tanks destroying two tractors, containers and 200 bales of hay causing up to £500,000 of damage at Field Farm, Appleton, near Cumnor last month.

Now the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) has claimed on a website it carried out the attack adding they will continue to target farms and businesses they believe are involved in transporting livestock to be killed.

The protesters also claimed the bombs were set off to coincide with Tony Blair stepping down as Prime Minister.

Farm manager David Morgan said it was lucky the incendiary devices did not seriously injure someone.

He added: "They've caused us massive inconvenience and risked the lives of lots of people. They wasted valuable resources of the fire brigade and police and targeted a perfectly legitimate business employing 70 people in a rural industry badly in need of employment.

"It was a totally irresponsible act by a bunch of idiots and I hope the police get them and they go to prison for a long, long time."

Police are now appealing for information on the attacks which took place at the farm in Netherton Road, Appleton, at about 11pm on Sunday May 6.

The appeal came after an anonymous posting made on the Bite Back animal rights website claiming the ALF placed 'several' incendiary devices at the site.

The website claims: "This farm is involved in transporting animals to their deaths and raising animals to be killed. We placed several incendiary devices at the site, causing about £500,000 damage to tractors, farm machinery and a hay barn."

The posting sends a warning to other farms.

It adds: "We will continue to take action against businesses like this until they stop abusing animals."

The ALF also use the statement to launch an attack on the Prime Minister.

The author writes: "This action was taken to coincide with Tony Blair's departure. The ALF were around long before you came to power, and we will be there long after you are gone and forgotten."

Police spokesman Victoria Bartlett said the website posting now forms a significant line of inquiry.

She added: "We cannot speculate on a change of tactics but we can confirm we are investigating a number of lines of inquiry.

"There have been fires that have been claimed to have been started by animal rights activists, and in light of that, we'll be investigating fully."

Anyone with information on the attacks should contact police on 08458 505505 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.